Restaurant Online Presence Management Tools

From fast-food to fine dining, restaurants today face stiff competition for customers.

Tilde worked with restaurant industry veterans to create a flagship concept for restaurants and hospitality-based businesses. The goal of this concept was to bring everything a restaurant owner or manager would need to run the digital presense of the restaurant under one roof. In doing so, Tilde has created a system that allows the restauranteur to spend more time on their restaurant and less time online.


One good review can be more effective at attracting new customers than coupons and promotions because it plays on people's emotions. When a person sees several positive reviews, they tend to be sold. There are many review sites available where customers can go to read and write reviews, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, OpenTable and Urbanspoon. Tilde has created connections with these review sites that allow you to see all of your reviews on each of these sites directly inside the Tilde control panel. As each review is read it can be approved and added to the restaurant website site instantly. Staying on top of the reviews in this way makes it easier for restaurants to respond swiftly to negative reviews and address their customer concerns.


Creating and managing menus for restaurants can be a time-consuming task. Add to that getting the menu information into your website and keeping that updated. Due to this struggle, many restaurants have opted for the easy road and simply scanned or photographed their menus and added them to a page on their website. However, the menus are then not indexable or searchable. Customers aren't drawn to the menus when they have to zoom and pan to read the menus in this manner. Tilde has solved this problem by creating a connection with a leading menu management system, Single Platform. Using this tool, restaurants can quickly create and update menus on-the-fly and Tilde can display those menus in a customized view both on the website and on digital menu boards. These menus are then searchable and indexable giving the restaurant more reach online.

Galleries and More

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words". This can be very true, especially for a restaurant. People want to not only read the menu but see pictures of the food, the ambiance and the people enjoying both. Galleries are just one simple example of the power of the Tilde platform to quickly create new interactive elements on your site. Simply create a new "Table" in the interface, give it some fields, one being an image field, and suddenly the restaurant has a gallery module that can begin receiving photos. Adding the gallery to the site is accomplished by adding just a few lines of text to a page. The possibilities are endless with the Tables feature for creating new and interesting ways to share content for the restaurant.
Sample menu on Tilde powered site

Sample custom gallery on Tilde powered site

Sample Tilde powered restaurant site


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